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Softball Team

Our team programming platform is designed for those that cannot regularly join us in our brick and mortar facilities, but want access to our premium training systems without the 1-on-1 coaching price tag.


The ATP 70MPH Formula Team Remote Programming Platform is designed for middle school, high school, college, and professional level baseball programs that want access to our premium training systems so that they can easily execute on them without needing to know the finer details of strength and conditioning, sports medicine and therapy. We handle all of your programming and implementation needs to maximize your athletes health and performance to produce on field-performance and wins.

This system allows baseball coaches to do a movement screen for a roster of 50 athletes in under 30 minutes and our performance screen in under 60 minutes. Once this has been completed, each coach will be directed by our system on which program is needed for each individual.

How We Get Elite Results

Comprehensive Screening

Everything starts with ATP’s Movement, Orthopedic, and Performance Screen.

Instead of guessing, we treat each athlete as an individual based on what they need to get to their goal, FAST!

This video assessment is performed in the comfort of your home or gym and sent to us for review.

Progressive Training Programs

Utilizing evidence-based training techniques and real world training experience, programs are progressed on a 4-week basis year round.

With a constantly evolving schedule and routine, we make sure our clients’ training matches their performance level and can grow as the client does too.

Metric & Results Driven Updates

Goal #1 is to keep our athletes healthy

Goal #2 is to have you reach your on-field performance goals

As our athletes get bigger, faster, and stronger we must evolve with them to enhance their potential on the field and in the gym, to elevate and elongate their career.

What We Do


Our team of professionals created this formula based on years of empirical evidence, precise data, and relevant feedback from athletes.

Results Focused

Our system is focused on results exclusively, meaning no exercise, drill, or stretch will be performed without a clear and empirical reason why. Being results-focused also means constantly optimizing the system, which is why a new set of workouts is provided every 4 weeks.

Data Driven

Our preliminary screening of an athlete gives us all of the data we need to accurately assess the needs, struggles, and desires of an athlete, before they even begin the program.

Step 1: Sign-up for our 70mph Formula Team Remote Programming Platform

Step 2: Follow our coaches on-boarding webinar that you will have immediate access to.

Step 3: Implement our screening process and collect the results from testing your team.

Step 4: Select the appropriate programs based on our system.

Step 5: Start Training!

Feel Better

Move Better

Perform Better

Our mission is to push the limits of health and performance. We design and deliver aggressive yet safe and actionable interventions to allow our athletes to stay healthy and dominate life on and off the field of play. With caring, compassionate, and evidence-based rehabilitation and training professionals; we are the first line of offense when pain is present and performance lags. Regardless of sport, we prepare our clients to perform at their best, pain-free, everyday.