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Remote Softball Training  for Individuals

What’s included

70MPH Formula Remote Programming

  • Complete our full movement and orthopedic screening.
  • Receive a new individualized workout program every 28 days.
  • Access to our FRC Class Library.
  • Access to Weekly Office Hours with our strength coaches.
  • Full Reassessment every 12 weeks


Functional Range Conditioning

The ATP Mobility Program is a training system utilizing the principles of Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), which is a system of joint health optimization based on scientific principles and research. You will have access to a complete library of classes all coached by FRC Certified Traci Bennett.

70MPH Formula Remote Programming


In today’s recruiting landscape, showcase metrics are one of the driving forces behind college coaches decision making. Clearly, the caliber of softball players around the world is improving. But why? Well, for the first time ever, some athletes today have access to premier coaches who specialize in all areas of athletic performance

You don’t have to be a crazy good athlete, the biggest player on your team, or have the best genetics in the world to reach your dreams – you just need to be ready to work. In our system, you’ll unlock the keys to more velocity, power, speed, strength, and athleticism.

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Functional Range Conditioning

A training system based on the principles of Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), which is a system of joint health optimization based on scientific principles and research. We focus on improving and strengthening USEABLE joint ranges; regardless if you play a specific sport, recovering from an injury, or just want stronger, healthier joints!

Who should do this program?

Anyone looking to improve their body control and awareness! We want to make self-care and knowledge accessible- as long as you have internet connection, there is definitely something for you. The beauty of this system is that it’s self monitoring and easily scalable to your individual needs. All movements and efforts should be done in pain free ranges, as you build up the capacity to work into new painless ranges.

Do I need equipment or access to a gym?
No you do not! You can do this program anywhere you have an internet connection and a little bit of space. Fun equipment to have, but not required: 2-4 regular size yoga blocks, A yoga mat, 1-2 tennis balls (or similar), stretching/ resistance bands, PVC, small ankle/hand weights- these props allow for great feedback and creating tension.

What our clients are saying

Tatum Edwards

Tatum Edwards

National Pro Fastpitch University of Nebraska

My experience with ATP was top level. Because of the emphasis on form and execution in the weight room specifically, I was able to see a big increase in velocity on the mound. I loved that each movement focuses on something specific and translates to pitching from the mound. My velo increased by 5+ MPH and got me to hit 70MPH! Being a retired professional athlete and now coach, ATP has helped me understand the body and all the capabilities through training specific movement patterns in the weight room. I would highly suggest anyone seeking to get stronger, throw harder, and understand how to use your body most efficiently to use this program with ATP.

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Perform Better

Our mission is to push the limits of health and performance. We design and deliver aggressive yet safe and actionable interventions to allow our athletes to stay healthy and dominate life on and off the field of play. With caring, compassionate, and evidence-based rehabilitation and training professionals; we are the first line of offense when pain is present and performance lags. Regardless of sport, we prepare our clients to perform at their best, pain-free, everyday.