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Advanced Therapy & Performance



Why Join Our Team?

Our team is focused on client results, personal growth, and fun.

To grow our first rate team, we must offer Win/Win scenarios for employees and ATP. We offer incentives that will keep high-performers a sense of safety, excitement, and loyalty to ATP.

All employees are enrolled into our profit-sharing SEP-IRA. All employees receive the same percentage of their salary in a company only contribution (maximum of 25%). By enrolling all employees to this program, each hire is very strategic and must be a team player as all will benefit from their hard work.

Employee Packages often include:

-Top 10% of industry compensation
-Comprehensive medical insurance
-Health savings account
-Generous continuing education and travel reimbursement
-Unlimited vacation
-Free training and treatment

We are always looking for top talent for our current and future locations. If you believe you would be a great addition to our team, please email
[email protected]


Internships at Advanced Therapy and Performance will present you with the opportunity to grow your current skill set and work with industry leaders in the therapy, performance, or media.

If you are interested in internship positions, please email resume and cover letter to [email protected]