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Integrated Performance Training

ATP 90mph formula
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Advanced Therapy and performance

Team Remote Programming Highlights

The ATP 90MPH Formula Team Remote Programming Platform is designed for middle school, high school, college, and professional level baseball programs that want access to our premium training systems so that they can easily execute on them without needing to know the finer details of strength and conditioning, sports medicine and therapy. We handle all of your programming and implementation needs to maximize your athletes health and performance to produce on field-performance and wins.

Our platform is updated every month which will allow you to progress each athlete based on THEIR needs all within your daily program.

This system allows baseball coaches to do a movement screen for a roster of 50 athletes in under 30 minutes and our performance screen in under 60 minutes. Once this has been completed, each coach will be directed by our system on which program is needed for each individual.

This includes monthly updated:
-Custom corrective warm-up for each athlete
-Team based warm-up
-Custom strength and conditioning program for each athlete



The 90MPH Formula

Momentum Potential
Height in Inches x 2.5 = Minimum Ideal BW
Force Production
Deadlift: 400lbs for 1 rep
Stable Power Position
Reverse Lunge: 1RM 1.5x BW on bar
Force Transfer
Chin-up: 250lb for 1 rep (BW + addedd weight) and 10 BW reps
Arm Power
Throw 300+ Feet Long Toss

How we get Elite Results

Comprehensive Screening

Everything starts with ATP’s Movement, Orthopedic, and Performance Screen.

Instead of guessing, we treat each athlete as an individual based on what they need to get to their goal, FAST!

This video assessment is performed in the comfort of your home or gym and sent to us for review.

Progressive Training Programs

Utilizing evidence-based training techniques and real world training experience, programs are progressed on a 4-week basis year round.

With a constantly evolving schedule and routine, we make sure our clients’ training matches their performance level and can grow as the client does too.

Metric & Results Driven Updates

Goal #1 is to keep our athletes healthy

Goal #2 is to have you reach your on-field performance goals

As our athletes get bigger, faster, and stronger we must evolve with them to enhance their potential on the field and in the gym, to elevate and elongate their career.

Why The 90MPH Formula Works

The 90MPH Formula is NOT a Program,

It’s a SYSTEM.

The 90MPH Formula is an Evidence Based System Tested by Thousands of Baseball Players.

The 90MPH Formula is Fundamentally a Movement and Performance Screen.

The 90MPH Formula’s Foundation is in Injury Reduction. Our Strength and Size Target Metric have been coorelated to decrease UCL Reconstructive Surgery.

Sign Up Now

Our team programming platform is designed for those that cannot regularly join us in our brick and mortar facilities, but want access to our premium training systems without the 1-on-1 coaching price tag.

Our remote team can now get the same quality of individualized movement, orthopedic and performance screen coupled with customized programming to deliver outstanding results based on your needs, anywhere in the world.

What You Need

Our programming is designed to be used at any gym, home or commercial, that has access to a chin-up bar, squat rack, with dumbbells (ideally kettlebells as well) and barbells and plates with enough weight to challenge you. A typical high school or college weight room will meet your needs here.

**Due to the COVID19 limitations, we have expanded our offerings to support our clients who have limited or no access to a gym at this time.**

Step 1: Sign-up for our 90mph Formula Team Remote Programming Platform

Step 2: Follow our coaches on-boarding webinar that you will have immediate access to.

Step 3: Implement our screening process and collect the results from testing your team.

Step 4: Select the appropriate programs based on our system.

Step 5: Start Training!

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

In my time in using the ATP team, I’ve seen immense growth in myself as a baseball player along with as a person. I’ve been able to gain 9mph in my fastball and maintain mid-90s velocity on the mound deep in starts. My reverse lunge, deadlift and countless other training numbers have gone up which has given me the opportunity to start my journey to the MLB.

This training has helped me learn about myself more than ever and has granted me countless opportunities.

Josiah Gray

Pitcher, 72nd Pick in the 2018 MLB Draft Dodgers MiLB Pitcher of the Year

I began working with the ATP staff for my Tommy John Rehabilitation. During my rehab, I was able to add 15 pounds of muscle, 100lb to my deadlift, and correct my poor movement patterns all while receiving incredible physical therapy for my elbow. 11-months after my surgery, I was able to return to the field topping out at 94MPH pain-free with a duel starter and closer role– eventually sending us DII NCAA World Series.

After completing my sports therapy I continued utilizing ATP’s Remote Program and in 2019 was selected by the Oakland Athletics in the MLB Draft. Now over two years removed from Tommy John surgery I have seen my velocity increase up to 96MPH and am completely healthy after 130 innings pitched this season.

Jake Walkinshaw

Pitcher, Oakland Athletics Organization

I have been working with Josh and the ATP team for the last 9 years. Over that time, they have been monumental in all facets of my development, health, and training. No one will show more dedication, loyalty, and most importantly results than the ATP team. That is why I continue to relocate myself to work with them during my professional offseason.
Troy Scribner

Pitcher, MLB Service Time: LA Angels & AZ Diamondbacks

“ATP specializes in enhancing performance of athletes from the youth level to the professional level. Their staff is second to none in developing and enhancing athlete’s performance. ATP’s programs are specialized to each athlete’s nutrition and improvement in areas of weakness. The ATP team is fully invested in all their athletes well being.”

John Murphy

Boston College, Assistant Baseball Coach 6th Round Yankee Draft Pick

Over the past year, I worked with the ATP staff to becoming a healthier, stronger athlete. Through the development of my numbers on the 90mph Formula, I did not only begin to throw the ball harder, but I also began to hit the ball harder and run faster. Last summer, I was deadlifting 365lbs and by February I maxed out at 600lbs. My reverse lunge numbers also increased by about 200lbs over that time period. With the help of ATP, I transitioned from a skinny kid with good speed to a player with a 106mph exit velocity, throwing 90 from the outfield while running a 6.39 60-yard dash. This allowed me to earn starting time as a Freshman in college which would have not been a possibility before ATP.

Henry Strmecki

College Outfielder

“Over the past five months with the help of the ATP team and 90 MPH Formula, I’ve comfortably surpassed all of the targets and added 4mph to my fastball, now touching 90MPH on the mound. My reverse lunge and deadlift maxes have increased >125lb and >80lb, respectively. This training has helped me stay healthy and fresh enough to start 100% of our games as a 2-way player while gaining All-Conference and All-Region college baseball selection as a sophomore.”

Richard Brereton

Two-way Collegiate Baseball Player